We invite to you to stop by Carver 47 Juice and Experiment Bar to enjoy the latest seasonal recipes from our General Manager and Executive Chef Lizz Wright.

Carver 47 Social Experience Bar

What is it?

Carver 47 will be the newest and most exciting attraction on Chicago’s Southside. Located in the historic Bronzeville/north Kenwood neighborhood, Carver 47 will serve the community as a true social lab experiment where we can come together to learn, nourish our spirits and commune under the guise/greatness of Dr. George Washington Carver.

What’s the purpose?

Carver 47 is designed as a gathering space where tasting, learning, exploring and sharing is woven into the fabric of the business model. “Carver” is named after the late great Dr. George Washington Carver, who was one of the most prolific scientist, artist, musicians, and humanitarians in American history.

We will use Dr. Carver’s inordinate desire for learning to inspire a business model that demonstrates the economic potential of experiential learning. The values, teachings and intentions of Dr. Carver will permeate the environment, offering opportunities for community sharing that emphasize the best of humanity. Carver’s lessons, quotes and inspirational images will be infused in the merchandising and décor.  Dr. Carver firmly believed that is was “simply service that measures success”.  We will work tirelessly to fulfill those words through our dedicated, high quality service to our customers, our students, our partners and our community.

Music: Open Mics, Small performances, DJ Classes

Carver 47 will host poetry nights and/or open-mics

  • These will be nights where both students of LBP and the community will be able to showcase their musical/lyrical talents

  • Open-Mics will be on a scheduled basis and based on different themes each time

  • Special guests, Raffles etc.

Art: Merchandise, Art shows, Student’s work

Carver 47 will host art exhibitions

  • Carver 47 will actively collab. with artists in the community and city to host art showcases

  • This will also give LBP students the opportunity to showcase their art to the community

  • Art Walks - Having multiple artists in one event bringing in artwork and discussing pieces *The space will also be open to hosting events proposed by surrounding organizations and individuals who’s ideas coincide with or closely to that of Carver 47.

  • Carver 47 will host clothing brand pop-up shops

  • Carver 47 will have pop-up shops where popular Chicago clothing brands will be able to showcase and sell their product in the cafe’s space. These events will serve as opportunity for young entrepreneurs to showcase their brands and network with the community.

  • Fashion GEEK, Andre Royce, SLKRS, Single Rose, Sir & Madam, St. Gold. (Examples of current Chicago brands)


Carver 47 will function as a laboratory for students, staff and community.  It will create the space for experimentation, social, artistically and spiritually. This will be a space where young people from our community will be given the chance to showcase not only their artistic abilities, but also an opportunity to hone in on their entrepreneurial spirit. Guest of Carver 47 will be greeted and served with love while being introduced to the arts, high quality coffees and teas, organic juices, amazing stories, and most of all the outstanding customer service provided by student staff.

George Washington Carver - Mini Biography

Video courtesy of www.biography.com