Intimate and cozy. 

Set adjacent to Kid’s Café I is a space very similar to KC I.  Divided by a small breeze path and a sliding metal door, this space can serve as a complimentary or completely separate space to Kid’s Café I.  With a similar size and dimension this space is set to create privacy, warmth and comradery.  With an open pallet for the decorating heart, its generic appeal allows the imagination to cover the space with a personal touch.  Convenient and affordable this space is excellent for a small gathering.



624 square feet

4 hour minimum rental

40  seated capacity

55 network capacity

Thu 6pm – 11pm
Fri 6pm – 12am
Sat 9am – 12am
Sun 9am – 12am

Available as combination w/ Kid’s Café I during afterhours and weekends


Rental Fee

Additional Time

Midnight Rate
$225.00 (12am to 1am)

Holiday Rate
Contact for rate



The perfect place to meet or celebrate.

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