The Atrium

Accommodating 220 seated guests or 300 standing patrons, the Atrium is the venue space that is perfect for your Weddings, Receptions, Conferences, Birthdays, Family Reunions and a host of other types of events, when scouting for that one place that feels like no other.  Dare to explore the potential of hosting your event in this magnanimously creative and gorgeous venue space.

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Conference Room

Elegant, professional and modern, this is great for small business meetings, interview sessions, VIP staging, one-to-one conferences and numerous other purposes that call to business concerns in a very small environment.  This space has a real Conference Room look & feel that evokes openness, professionalism and getting down to business.


Kid's Cafe I

A very quant and relaxing space that resonates intimacy and fun, where 40 – 60 guests can dine, dance and drink till the midnight hour.   A step through the glass door opens the view onto a balcony staged for outdoor revelry from mid Spring to late Fall. 

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Kid's Cafe II

Divided by a small breeze path and a sliding metal door, this space can serve as a complimentary or completely separate space to Kid’s Café I.  With a similar size and dimension this space is set to create privacy, warmth and comradery.  With an open pallet for the decorating heart, its generic appeal allows the imagination to cover the space with a personal touch.  Convenient and affordable this space is excellent for a mall gathering.

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Carver 47 Cafe

As a Café it services the community with excellent healthy drinks blended from scratch, a wi-fi stop for the coffee drinkers, a programmatic space for LBP specials and a rental space for the Client with a guest list of 60 – 75 seated or 100 standing.  The space implies coziness, fun and mature energy, while enticing the guest to feel unencumbered and satisfied.  You must see this space to appreciate its convenience and polished appeal.

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Adjacent to our Carver 47 Cafe and Atrium areas is our Gallery space. This space is perfectly positioned as an overflow and staging area for events held in the Carver 47 Cafe and Atrium.