For the past 22 years, LBP has responded to the notion that Art, like everything else in under-served communities, must respond to the reality and needs of society.  We strongly believe that the battle being waged is for the “minds and hearts” of our children. We also believe that individuals can make a major difference in every effort to ensure that our children have a true opportunity to thrive.  The “I AM” project creates a direct link between our “supporters” and “our children's needs” that is authentically designed to elevate our common humanity to ultimately fuel success and the potential of each child...thereby transforming our collective community. 

Art Masterclass and Book Signing

Former Southside Chicago resident, Craig "Rex" Perry ( returned to Chicago during the first week in May to promote the first book in his new children's series, The Soul of Harmony, during Children's Book Week, May 1-7, 2017.

The Soul of Harmony was inspired by the life of Robert Johnson, a 1920s blues singer and guitarist who is considered one of the greatest blues performers of all time. His songs, including hits "Sweet Home Chicago", "Hellhound on My Trail", and, "Crossroad Blues" have been recorded by Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. Johnson died unexpectedly at the age of 27. He claims to have taken his guitar to a crossroads and made a 'deal with the devil' for his musical gifts.

The Soul of Harmony, a three book series published by Cedar Grove Publishing (, is an action-adventure, good versus evil plot that hinges on the love of family and redemption. The first book is entitled The Soul of Harmony: The Promise.

Craig "Rex" Perry conducted a masterclass for LBP art students on May 4th and conducedt a book signing on Friday, May 5th at Little Black Pearl from 6:30pm - 9pm.

the business of art

Little Black Pearl students are divided into teams and work with various Jordan Brand and local designers to gain inspiration and mentorship as they create their own designs. The program culminates in a design competition and bragging rights as the winning designs are printed as a graphic tees that are available for purchase exclusively at the 32 South State flagship store. In celebration of the launch, the Jordan Brand WINGS initiative has issued a grant to Little Black Pearl in support of college scholarships to the winners of the design competition.

Facility Rentals


The Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center provides an extraordinary cultural setting for community, local and national events. The 40,000-sq. ft. facility offers spacious conference rooms and workshops, along with a spectacular 36-ft glass atrium area. 

Art & Design Center

Our distinctive building on the corner of 47th Street South and Greenwood Avenue, anchored in the Kenwood/Oakland neighborhood of Chicago, is a mixture of Classic architecture and modern rehabilitation. The convergence of two unique styles creates an Art & Design Center that is both multi-functional, as well as, architecturally alluring.  The two styles merge to foster an environment that focuses on educating and nurturing youth, on encouraging the community to exercise creative skills and abilities, for hosting concerts and Special Events, for supporting working artists and art connections, and for standing as an architectural iconic symbol for the developing community.


Take the virtual tour and see our facilities from the comfort of your couch. Of course, you are always welcome to come in and see for yourself.



Little Black Pearl’s Summer “Creativity Camp” adheres to the mission of Little Black Pearl Workshop and Little Black Pearl Art & Design Academy High School by offering a safe, high energy and rewarding program based on the core values of trust, resilience, and creativity. This innovative summer program inspires participants, ages 7-19, to use their creativity in the Arts to engage in special programs designed by Little Black Pearl staff. Summer campers are supervised and taught by highly- skilled artists, provided breakfast and lunch daily,  and they attend field trips. Students who are clients of CHA have a limited number of scholarships available to attend camp at no cost or at a reduced camp cost.


The Digital Youth Network at DePaul University (DYN) and Little Black Pearl (LBP), in collaboration with CPS’s Office of Leadership and Learning have launched the Bronzeville Fusion Network (BFN), a living lab designed to deepen our collective understanding as to how to strengthen the STEAM learning ecosystem for youth and families of Chicago’s Bronzeville community. Specifically, the BFN seeks to bring together schools in Bronzeville, local informal learning organizations, and families to understand and address the barriers limiting Bronzeville’s youth participation in STEAM learning experiences both in and out of school

Our state-of-the-art glassblowing and art studios currently have items on display at the Little Black Pearl Atrium, which is available for purchase. Come by or visit our online marketplace topurchase the beautiful artwork created by our students, every penny goes back into our programs so that no student is ever turned away because of inability to pay. Click below to learn more and purchase glass.

Israeli Star Jams With LBP Students

A Tuesday lesson with Israeli music icon Idan Raichel at the Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center quickly devolved into an all out jam session and then a rehearsal.

The center, 1060 E. 47th St., invited Raichel while on a Chicago stop of his tour to come in to talk to kids in a music production class Tuesday about his work as a producer that’s given him a chance to duet with Alicia Keys and play a private concert for former President Barack Obama.

“The most important thing in art — it doesn’t matter if it’s cool — is to be brave and make mistakes,” Raichel said.

He played a song that he wrote with an Ethiopian monk to illustrate the power of collaboration in music. He then started to explain some common scales used in Israeli music and that’s when things skittered off into an entirely different direction.